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So, you or a loved one has been arrested and charged with Driving While Intoxicated (DWI) or similar charges in Groveland, NY. Chances are if you are stopped and suspected of DWI, within an average of eighteen minutes from being pulled over, you will be handcuffed and escorted to the backseat of the police car. Naturally, you have questions. What do I do now? Do I have a defense? Will I lose my job? Will I lose my license? Will I go to jail? The law firm of Sciarrino & Sciarrino, PC has answers.

Sciarrino and Sciarrino, PC, is a law firm that concentrates on criminal defense, a majority of which includes alcohol and drug related driving offenses. Raymond Sciarrino is a highly trained and respected member of premier criminal defense organizations including the National DUI College, an organization that accepts as members only capable, experienced attorneys who dedicate a portion of their practice to the defense of DUI cases throughout the country.

At Sciarrino and Sciarrino, we have decades of experience dealing with the Livingston County Sheriff’s Office and the Groveland Police Department. Having defended cases in which they are involved, we are familiar with their police reports and investigative techniques, especially in cases where drivers are charged with driving under the influence of alcohol or drugs, sometimes known as DUI cases, driving while ability impaired [DWAI] or driving while intoxicated [DWI]. At Sciarrino and Sciarrino, we are well-acquainted with the practices and procedures in the local Groveland Town Court. As a former Justice in the Leicester Town Court in Livingston County, Raymond Sciarrino knows the rules of court and understands the fine points of the judicial process. The staff at Sciarrino at Sciarrino is made up of lifetime residents of western New York and the Finger Lakes Region and knows the geographic area of Livingston County and Groveland.

What can Sciarrino & Sciarrino, P.C. do for you?

  • 24/7 Availability by Phone
  • Free 30 Minute Consultation
  • Appear at Arraignment
  • Hardship License Application
  • Conduct Independent Investigation
  • Examine Probable Cause for Vehicle Stop
  • Review Probable Suspicion for Vehicle Stop
  • Evaluate Field Sobriety Test
  • Analyze Probable Cause for Arrest
  • Review Evidentiary Discovery
  • Consult and Engage Experts When Indicated
  • Motion Practice
  • Pre-trial Hearings
  • Jury and / or Bench Trial
  • DMV Refusal Hearings
  • Vehicle Forfeitures

DWI defense for violations, misdemeanors & felonies

Whether you have been charged with your first DWI or you are a repeat felony offender, every charge of drinking and driving can be defended — though not always in the same way. At Sciarrino & Sciarrino, P.C., we are proactive in working with our clients throughout the criminal process. We will explore all options for your defense because we understand the lasting impact a DWI conviction can have on your life. Attorney Ray Sciarrino has the experience to handle all New York State alcohol and drug related driving offenses, including:

  • Driving While Ability Impaired – Alcohol (DWAI)
  • Driving While Intoxicated – Alcohol (DWI)
  • Aggravated Driving While Intoxicated – Alcohol (ADWI)
  • Driving While Ability Impaired – Drugs (DWAI)
  • Driving While Ability Impaired – Drugs & Alcohol (DWAI)
  • Leandra’s Law Offenses

What if you are convicted of a DWI?

You could find yourself:

  • Without a driver’s license,
  • With a lifetime criminal record,
  • Paying heavy fines,
  • Paying court costs and surcharges,
  • Paying extensive DMV administrative fees,
  • Serving time on probation,
  • Serving time in county jail or
  • Serving time in State Prison.

Your vehicle can be impounded or taken by forfeiture or subject to installation of a mandatory ignition interlock device.

At Sciarrino & Sciarrino, P.C. we care about our clients so we will thoroughly and painstakingly develop your case so you may get the best DWI defense possible, thus increasing the likelihood of attaining the best possible results. We like to call this approach, “Lawyering in the best sense”.

Sciarrino & Sciarrino, P.C. offers legal representation that will significantly improve your chances of a positive resolution of your DWI case.

Why Choose Raymond P. Sciarrino as Your Attorney?

  • 18+ Years Attorney Experience
  • 11+ Years Experience Town Justice
  • National Association of Criminal Defense Lawyers (NACDL) Member
  • New York State Defenders Association (NYSDA) Member
  • New York State Magistrates Association Member
  • Ethical Lawyers of America Member
  • National College of DUI Defense (NCDD) Member
  • Free Initial Attorney Consultation
  • Appointment Flexibility
  • Attorney Fees Quoted

Sciarrino & Sciarrino, P.C. is a Rochester, New York area law firm. For more than 50 years, we have been providing high quality legal services to our clients throughout Western New York and the Finger Lakes Region. If you need a DWI Attorney, we will act on your behalf, aggressively and competently, to develop a thorough and comprehensive defense designed to protect your rights, defend your freedom and obtain the best possible outcome. We like to call this approach, “Lawyering in the best sense”.

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Why Choose Our Firm?

  • Free Initial Attorney Consultation
  • Appointment Flexibility
  • Attorney Fees Quoted
  • Former Judge on Staff
  • Serving Western New York Since 1963
  • American Bar Association
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