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Recreational marijuana is legal in New Jersey. Where does New York stand?

New Jersey is one of the most recent states to jump on the bandwagon of legalizing recreational marijuana, joining places like Washington, Colorado and Michigan. While this form of marijuana is strictly controlled and taxed, like alcohol, it is now legal for those without a medical card to buy it and use it recreationally.

As a New York resident, you may be wondering where your state stands on this issue and if the same thing has happened or will happen here.

The delay

There was talk earlier this year that the government planned to legalize marijuana in the same fashion as other states. It was going to be on the ballot. However, the local government decided they just didn’t have the time or resources to look into the issue properly that fast.

However, they don’t seem to have retreated from the idea in general. The plan right now is to move toward legalization in the spring, perhaps in April.

The reasons for this change are many. For one thing, it’s become clear in other states that this is something that the public wants, so New York is simply addressing it a bit after the frontrunners. However, officials have also noted that New York has some financial issues to overcome. Taxing marijuana in other states has brought in hundreds of millions of dollars every year. This may be more of a financial decision than anything.

Changing laws

When this happens, it will represent a major change to New York drug laws. It’s important for all residents to know how this may impact them.