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Why Do You Need A DWI Attorney?

The reason is simple: Do you know how to create a strong defense? Do you know whether your traffic stop was legal? Do you know how to protect your driving privileges? Do you know how to reduce possible penalties and fees?

An experienced attorney will have answers to all these questions and more. Let Sciarrino & Sciarrino, P.C., guide you through your DWI case and protect your rights. We handle complex DWI defense cases for clients in Livingston, Wyoming, Steuben, Monroe, Allegany, Genesee and Ontario counties.

Sciarrino & Sciarrino, P.C.

Partner With An Attorney You Can Trust

You may consider representing yourself to save money; however, this decision can greatly cost you in the long run. You need to partner with an attorney who focuses on the criminal defense of DWI cases. Without proper legal representation, you could face:

New York treats DWI seriously, and the state’s laws are among the toughest in the nation. Don’t risk finding out the “hard way” about the consequences of representing yourself without the benefit of a competent DWI attorney.


Why Should You Work With Mr. Sciarrino?

For the last 20+ years, after graduating from Cornell Law School, attorney Raymond Sciarrino has concentrated on building his knowledge in all areas of DUI defense. He can confidently guide you through pretrial negotiations, trial, license defense and DMV administrative hearings.

Mr. Sciarrino has also enhanced his knowledge in all these areas by formerly sitting as a town judge for over 11 years.

Sciarrino & Sciarrino, P.C.

Address Your Charges Today

We recommend immediately addressing your DWI charges. Quick action provides your case the best chance of success. Call us at 585-883-8067 to schedule a free initial case consultation at our Mount Morris, Perry or Wayland offices. You can also contact our skilled lawyer online.

We know that life may feel overwhelming right now. We do everything we can to reduce your stress, including offering flexible appointment times that fit your schedule.