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At Sciarrino & Sciarrino, P.C., we provide experienced criminal defense representation to clients in Mount Morris and throughout the surrounding area, including Livingston, Wyoming, Steuben, Monroe, Allegany, Genesee and Ontario counties.

This page contains general information. For specific advice about the charges you face, contact our law offices to speak with a knowledgeable criminal law attorney. The following are questions clients frequently ask us about their rights.

Criminal Defense Attorney

You are protected against illegal searches and seizures by the Fourth Amendment. If the police ask to search your property, you have every right to invoke your constitutional rights. If they have a lawfully obtained and executed search warrant, however, then you may not prevent them from conducting a search. If they ask to search your home, you should politely ask them if they have a warrant.

There are some cases in which a search warrant is not required. We can provide you with more information about these particular circumstances during your consultation, during which we can determine whether a warrant was necessary for your situation.

It is typically best to tell police as little as possible. Anything you say can be used against you in criminal proceedings, and the police are skilled at steering suspects toward damaging statements. The best course of action is to politely tell them you do not intend to answer any questions without your attorney present.

As mentioned above, police officers are skilled at getting suspects to say things that make them look culpable. A perfectly innocent person can get tripped up during questioning and give conflicting statements about alibis, timelines, locations and more. Any misstatement you make could come back to haunt you.

You should never plead guilty without first consulting with an experienced criminal defense lawyer. You may not have committed a crime, even if you were led to believe you did. Even if the evidence against you is strong, there are effective defense strategies a skilled lawyer can employ on your behalf. A knowledgeable attorney can give you the advice and counsel you need to make important decisions about your future.

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Criminal defense cases focus on very specific facts. For information on how the law applies in your unique situation, you must talk to a knowledgeable New York defense lawyer. To arrange your free initial consultation with attorney Ray Sciarrino, call our law offices at 585-883-8067 or contact us online. You can meet with us at any of our office locations: Mount Morris, Perry and Wayland.