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Alcohol: It affects you at every level

You probably know that you cannot legally drive with a blood alcohol concentration of .08% or higher. However, did you know that you could be at risk of crashing and still be impaired below that level?

Even a small amount of alcohol could impact you by impairing the way your body works. Here is more on what to expect as the alcohol level in your blood rises.

The effects of a .02% BAC

The first level of intoxication that officers might be interested in is a .02% BAC. With a .02% BAC, people can have some symptoms of intoxication such as:

  • Feeling warmer
  • Being relaxed
  • Poorer judgment

This is a relatively low level, so the impact on the body is fairly minimal.

The effects of a .05% BAC

At .05% BAC, it’s more likely for someone to show signs of impairment. They may not be able to focus well and could have blurry vision, which would make it dangerous for them to drive.

The effects of a .08% BAC

At .08%, you are now unable to drive legally. This is the legal limit throughout the majority of the United States, because your speech, reaction times, and balance will all be impaired.

The effects of extreme BAC levels

Some BAC levels are extremely high and put your life at risk. For example, a .15% BAC is very high and likely to cause vomiting and difficulty with staying awake. At .2% to .3% most people lose normal sensations of pain, so they’re more likely to get hurt without knowing it. Above .3%, there is a high risk of unconsciousness and changes in your heart rate and breathing.

Finally, at .4% or higher, you could become comatose or stop breathing suddenly.

As you can tell from this information, there is no point at which alcohol won’t affect you, but there are several levels at which you could be putting yourself or others at risk. The effects of alcohol should be taken seriously.

Though .08% is the legal limit, you could face a DWI arrest below that. If you are arrested, it’s smart to look into your options to defend yourself.