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5 safety tips for spring driving in New York

After a freezing winter, spring’s comforting warmth is more than welcome, as most of us have probably had enough of driving on New York’s icy roads. But don’t let your guard down. Driving in spring has its challenges, too. When hitting the streets this spring, be sure to keep these five tips in mind.

  1. Inspect your car

Before you go out for a drive, take time to check your tires and wiper blades. The extreme winter cold can wear them down, and they may need to be replaced. Also, your tires might have lost air pressure due to the cold and may need to be refilled.

  1. Watch out for potholes

With so much traffic in New York, potholes can appear anytime. But winter’s harsh weather often leaves potholes behind in spring, so staying alert is essential. Potholes can also cause serious including tire punctures and suspension issues that can be expensive to repair.

If you cannot avoid a large pothole, drive slowly and brake before impact. Do not swerve, and always keep a safe distance between yourself and other drivers.

  1. Avoid large puddles

The changing weather can quickly cause snow to melt, and the spring season also brings rain showers, which can lead to dangerous and slippery roads. If you spot large puddles while driving, slow down and try to avoid them because they could cause your vehicle to hydroplane.

  1. Watch for pedestrians and animals

Clear weather invites more people and animals to spend time outdoors. This means more pedestrians, bicyclists, and even animals will be on or near the road. By staying vigilant and paying attention, you can prevent accidents and severe injuries.

  1. Drive carefully around construction zones

Winter can be harsh on roads, and spring is the perfect time to fix them. If you’re driving near a construction zone, give the crew and their equipment plenty of space. Following construction signs and driving slowly can help keep you safe this spring.

Though it might be more enjoyable to drive in the spring than in winter, there are still some hazards to watch for. Significant changes in the weather can affect your car and the roads in many ways, so take it slow and drive safely.