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Who receives SSDI?

Social Security Disability benefits come from the Social Security Administration and provide you with compensation when you cannot work due to a long-term disability. However, the SSA typically denies most applications for these benefits. SSDI has very strict qualifications, which is the reason for the many denials. If you wish to receive SSDI benefits in New York, it may help to understand who the SSA approves for benefits.

According to the Center on Budget and Policy Priorities, the SSA reserves SSDI benefits only to people who have a severely limiting disability than will last more than a year or result in their death. Further reducing the pool of possibly qualified applicants is the SSA’s definition of disability.

Even if you do have a qualifying disability, there are other factors that could make you ineligible for benefits. SSDI is for workers. You must have worked enough within your lifetime and the last ten years to qualify. In addition, your disability needs to make it so you cannot work at a job where you earn a substantial amount. This includes any job, even if there are no jobs available in your area or whether you would qualify for the job.  If you are young, the SSA will assume you can obtain any training or education you need to secure jobs in which you could work.

It is common to not qualify for benefits due to the technical requirements, such as having enough work time. If you do, then your application will go through the medical check to see if your disability meets the SSA requirements. If you reach the medical check, your chances for qualifying increase. This information is for education and is not legal advice.