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Residential swimming pool installation issues to consider

Real estate buyers may favor properties with an in-ground swimming pool during the summertime. An increased demand for a particular feature and its limited supply generally drives up prices. Rushing to install a pool, however, may not provide the hoped-for results or lead to a faster sale.

As reported by Money magazine, a spring 2021 survey of realtors revealed nearly 70% expected to see an increase in homeowners adding swimming pools. While it may improve a property’s appraised value by up to $20,000, installing one could cost between $40,000 and $150,000. A pool may also add insurance and maintenance costs.

Determining whether a property is suitable for a pool

As noted in the Residential Code of New York State Appendix G, the Empire State’s laws require erecting a fence at least four feet in height to enclose an in-ground pool on residential property. The fence must surround the pool and obstruct it so that unsupervised children or animals cannot accidentally fall in. The gate must close on its own and open away from the pool.

Although appearing attractive to the current homeowner’s tastes, a potential buyer may not like the pool, deck or fence. This may result in offers coming in at a lower price to compensate for the expense of reconstructing the pool area.

Financing a swimming pool installation

As noted by, covering the cost of a pool installation may cause a homeowner to turn to borrowing. This could involve using credit cards, refinancing a mortgage or applying for a home equity line of credit.

Real estate trends in 2021 show more buyers purchasing homes with all-cash offers. This may lead sellers to consider upgrading their properties with the allure of backyard summer entertainment. Not all homeowners, however, may have the resources to install a swimming pool without loading up debt.