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What are some signs of a good executor?

Writing your will and thinking about probate can leave you wondering who you should choose for an executor. This person is responsible for helping fulfill your wishes after death as well as paying off important debts.

While you may know many people and feel close to them, the traits that would work best for this job may not be ones you expect.

Respect for financial processes

According to Kiplinger, choosing a person who is responsible with money is important for the probate process. Many people recommend that executors have a credit history and no declarations of bankruptcy so that they can obtain a bond. Having a clean record with no criminal history and also being over the age of 18 are also important guidelines for choosing an executor.

The person you choose showing prudence and responsibility for money-related matters can help you feel secure in picking someone who will pay off your debts and sign checks in your place.

Even and calm personality

While there is no formal rule that requires you to choose someone who is level-headed and calm, it can help if you worry about interactions with your family. In some cases, beneficiaries may have complaints about what you leave them in your will, and the executor must handle explanations and asset distribution.

Living in the same state is not necessarily a requirement if the person you want for an executor is far away. Being thoughtful and self-confident without being arrogant can help arguments between beneficiaries end in a peaceful way. Choosing an executor who knows your family well and who cares about your estate is important.