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Why do you need two title insurance policies as a home buyer?

If you are about to close on a home, you have likely gone over the settlement statement with a fine-tooth comb. Many first-time home buyers are shocked when they realize that they have not one but two separate charges for title insurance.. Although some people assume this is a mistake and attempt to have the second charge […]

What are the types of property liens?

If you want to get ready to sell your home or if you are looking to buy one, you will want to know what a lien is and who is going to pay for it. Essentially, you should think of a lien as an unpaid bill that must be satisfied before the home can be […]

Does a New York seller have to make repairs on a property?

Real estate transactions are often backward in that a buyer makes a down payment on a home before he or she can order an inspection. To protect buyers in the event that an inspection reveals potentially costly or dangerous issues that the seller failed to disclose, most New York real estate contracts include inspection contingency […]

What kinds of liens can a title search discover?

The title search phase of a real estate sale in New York is crucial. If the current property owner has outstanding financial obligations, there may be a lien placed on the property until the owner pays up. Until these liens are resolved, the property cannot be sold to a new owner. According to Homelight, there […]

Is there a lien against my property?

If you’re planning on buying a home in New York, finding out whether there are any liens against the property is crucial. A lien occurs when there is an unpaid debt associated with a property title. As a result, another party could have a stake in the home, or any future sales or refinancing may […]