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May is Motorcycle Safety Month

With the weather warming up across New York state, motorcyclists will start dusting off their bikes and getting ready for the road. There is nothing better to bikers than enjoying a springtime ride, but they should also understand the dangers they face – and it is imperative that the drivers of other motor vehicles realize the hazards they pose to motorcyclists. For these reasons, safety advocates set aside certain times of the year to focus on specific traffic hazards, and motorcycle safety is no exception.

The National Safety Council reported that in 2017, 5,172 motorcyclists and passengers lost their lives in accidents, making up 14% of all fatal traffic accidents that year. To raise public awareness of the dangers and reduce accidents, the organization has designated May as Motorcycle Safety Month. Why in May, people may wonder? While motorcyclists can take their bikes on the road any time of year, there is an increase in motorcycles during the warmer months.

According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Association, 145 motorcyclists were killed in New York in 2017. This number has remained consistent over the past few years, which shows the importance of making people aware of this serious safety issue.

Motorcyclists may reduce their chances of serious injury or death by wearing helmets and riding safely. However, most of the responsibility falls to other drivers to be aware of motorcycles sharing the road and to drive courteously and safely. Those who are injured in accidents caused by a distracted, intoxicated or negligent driver may wish to seek compensation.