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Allergy symptoms, medication and car crashes

Common auto accident risk factors include speeding, drinking and driving and failing to stop. However, drivers may behave dangerously in many other ways, some of which may not even cross their mind. Unfortunately, they may endanger the lives of others and place their own safety in danger as well. For example, allergy symptoms have become increasingly widespread in recent years, and these symptoms can make life miserable for many people in Mount Morris and all over New York. Sadly, they can give rise to other problems in life, such as the consequences of a motor vehicle crash.

Allergy symptoms can play a role in auto accidents in multiple ways. For starters, symptoms such as headaches, nasal drip and eye irritation can affect one’s ability to drive safely. A driver may become distracted as they reach for a tissue or rub their eyes, or they may have difficulty focusing on the road. Also, these symptoms can lead to sleep problems, which can make drivers very fatigued. Driver fatigue is a major problem and has contributed to many deaths and injuries in recent years.

On top of allergy symptoms, the medication that people take to address symptoms can also increase the chances of an accident. A driver may become drowsy after taking certain medications, especially if they are not familiar with the effects of the drug or take too much. Unlike alcohol and other substances, it can be difficult to place the blame on allergies after a car crash. However, victims who are thinking about taking legal action against another driver should go over every detail.