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New trail approved for pedestrians, cyclists in Morris County

In your area, you know that it’s dangerous to be on the roads as a pedestrian or cyclist. There isn’t a lot of room for you, and drivers aren’t always paying attention to what’s happening around them. The risk of a pedestrian crash is too high for your liking, especially knowing that you’ve narrowly missed being hit several times already.

If you’re looking for ways to avoid getting into a pedestrian accident with a vehicle, then you will be glad to hear about this news. The Morris County Board of Freeholders has approved the construction of a pedestrian and bike path between Western Railway rail bed and New York Susquehanna. This is planned as a recreational hiking and biking trail and is expected to cost around $20 million.

The trail would run near Route 23, which would also connect the Aquatic Park and Wayne at Mt. View Boulevard. The goal is for it to eventually reach the Passaic County Morris Canal Greenway.

Having designated areas for cyclists and pedestrians may help reduce the number of collisions taking place, and it can help keep recreational cyclists and hikers away from busier streets in the area. The trail is expected to be around 10 feet wide and to be heavily used.

Interestingly, this would be the first asphalt trail of its type in the Route 23 corridor between Morris and Passaic counties. It’s particularly appealing to residents and the board because of the fact that it connects with mass transit including the NJ Transit trains.

Though the idea for the pathway was conceived nearly 20 years ago, it has taken time to put it into motion. When completed, it will be an excellent area for pedestrians and cyclists to enjoy the outdoors safely.