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Are people really addicted to their phones?

When someone says that they’re addicted to their phone, you may think that they’re just using hyperbole. What they mean is that they use the phone a lot or that they enjoy using technology. Maybe they just find it useful. They’re not really saying they’re addicted in the same way that someone can be addicted to sugar or alcohol, right?

Actually, that may be exactly what they’re saying. Cellphone addiction does happen, and it impacts many people on a daily basis. It’s not just that they like the phone. They feel connected to it in a way that they cannot break on their own.

There are two key factors that experts look at when considering real phone addiction. These are:

  • Actual damage to some aspect of that person’s life
  • A complete or partial loss of control, despite that damage

This is why phones are so dangerous in the car. In 2020, every driver has heard that distracted driving is dangerous. They all know that phones are perhaps the leading cause of this distraction. They know that they can cause an accident by texting and driving, and they may cause serious injuries or even take a life.

To someone who is addicted, though, that potential damage is not compelling enough. They have a loss of control over their phone use. Many people talk about “raising awareness” for distracted driving, but an addicted driver doesn’t benefit from increased awareness. They know that picking up the phone behind the wheel is dangerous. They just do not feel like they can stop.

If you get injured by a distracted driver, addiction may be to blame. You need to know how to seek compensation from the person responsible.