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Can my adult child get SSD on my account?

When you receive Social Security Disability benefits, it is possible for members of your family to also receive benefits on your account. However, it is usually only your spouse and minor children who have this right.

The Social Security Administration explains if you have an adult child who became disabled before his or her 22 birthday, then he or she may also qualify for your SSD benefits.


The child only needs to have a disability that began before he or she turned 22 to qualify. The SSA will assess the disability. It must meet the normal SSA disability guidelines for it to qualify as a disability for benefit purposes.

Your child cannot be in a marriage, and if he or she does enter a marriage, the benefits will stop. Do note if he or she marries someone who is also a qualifying disabled adult, then there may be an exception.

There is no work requirement because your child will collect benefits from your account. However, he or she cannot have income from employment over the set level, which changes each year. For 2021, that amount was $1,310 a month.


If your child receives SSD on his or her account but qualifies under yours, you may want to assess the situation. It is likely that collecting on your account will allow for higher benefits for your child.

You should always apply for all benefits for which you qualify. So, if you have an adult child, make sure to assess if he or she can receive benefits on your account to maximize the potential pay-out amount.