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Who is responsible for your slip and fall incident on the ice?

As the winter months continue, the threat of ice and snow also grows and lingers. Though these weather conditions come with numerous potential risks, some of the biggest involve the risk of slipping on the ice.

These slip and fall incidents can cause a lot of bodily harm, like broken bones or even brain trauma. Needless to say, such injuries also come with large price tags. So who will pay the tab for the damage you suffered when falling on ice?

Common sites of accidents

Health Partners looks into some of the most common winter risks that anyone can face. As mentioned, icy and slippery surfaces make up one of the top risks. You can slip and fall on any surface that collects ice, but the most common include sidewalks and parking lots.

The person who holds responsibility for your fall depends on the location of where you slipped, along with the circumstances behind the fall. For example, if you slipped in a parking lot owned by the city, you could hold the city liable. If you slipped on the sidewalk in front of a store, you can hold that store owner liable.

Is the owner always liable?

However, not just every slip and fall incident can fall on the shoulders of the property owner. For example, if they took proper precautions to de-ice the area and had ample warning about potential dangers of traversing the place where you slipped, then you may not have a case. Of course, you should always check with legal help first to ensure whether or not you have a leg to stand on in such situations.