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Who are at risk for fall injuries in New York?

Anyone can be at risk for a fall injury. Slippery floors at the grocery store and pathway obstructions at work could make you trip or slip, leading to a collision with the ground. Unfortunately, the impact could leave serious injuries, depending on the circumstances.

Aside from people with manual labor jobs, individuals with walking issues tend to be at risk for fall injuries. They generally include young children and older adults.

Falls are common among infants and young children

With children, falls can happen when playing outside or at home. Falls are among the most common reasons why children under 14 years go to the hospital. Fortunately, parents can reduce the risks by taking the following steps:

  • Install baby gates in fall-prone areas, such as the stairs
  • Never allow kids to play or rest on elevated areas
  • Always secure straps in child carriers, strollers and seats
  • Avoid giving children toys or equipment that might cause falls, such as mobile walkers
  • Install soft material in play areas or playgrounds to cushion potential falls

However, these measures do not remove the risk for young children. They only help lessen the severity of injuries.

Older adults are at significant risk of severe fall injuries

Older adults can easily suffer severe harm after an accidental fall, including head trauma, vertebrae, pelvis and hip fractures. Additionally, the majority of these incidents happen at home.

Family members can also implement safety measures to lessen the risks of severe fall injuries for their older relatives:

  • Install handrails where necessary
  • Add more lighting in the home to allow better visibility of obstructions
  • Put nonslip mats as needed
  • Use nonslip footwear
  • Consult a specialist about physical activities for elders that improve balance and strength

Unfortunately, it is impossible to remove risks everywhere they go. Your child or elder relative might suffer a nasty fall injury because of unsafe conditions caused by someone else’s negligence. In this case, you might be able to file a premises liability claim based on the incident’s details.