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Preventing painful slip and fall accidents

A slip and fall injury can lead to lingering pain and psychological damage in some victims, especially in months of inclement weather in New York. Slippery conditions can occur just about anywhere, even in the summer and fall. A slip and fall can happen at any time if people do not exercise caution.

The Occupational Safety and Health Administration from the United States Department of Labor recommends that people take preventive measures in the winter, but these tips can also be beneficial to follow throughout the year in the workplace or during leisure time. These measures include:

  • Walking more slowly than usual
  • Walking with shorter steps
  • Paying attention to water, snow and ice levels, as well as changes in ground levels
  • Wearing appropriate shoes, such as boots with treads on the soles

Boots or shoes with water resistance and insulating technology are a great way to take the first step towards general fall safety.

Of course, poor weather conditions are not confined to the Northeast. Minnesota, another state that experiences a great deal of inclement weather, can shine a light on the consequences of a slip and fall incident. According to a report from the Minnesota Star Tribune, slip and fall patients may become apprehensive of potentially slippery locations or scared of falling again, so they become reclusive and worried. This can lead to a lesser quality of life.

As people age, vision and balance start to diminish, so elderly people are considered to be at higher risk of weather-related slip and fall accidents. Taking extra care in adverse weather and recognizing the signs of danger are considered by many to be good ways to prevent injuries.