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Don’t try to break up a dog fight

If another dog attacks yours while out for a walk, your instinct is probably to try to break it up and keep your beloved pet from harm. However, trying to physically break up the fight just puts you in extreme danger. The other dog could turn on you or bite you accidentally. Either way, you could be seriously injured. 

But you’re not likely to just stand around and watch your pet get hurt without doing anything. What should you do instead?

One method is to attempt to distract the dogs and create distance between them. You can do so by making loud noises. You can also throw something on the fighting dogs, such as a jacket or your bottle of water. You want to keep your physical distance, but you can still get them to focus on something other than fighting. Then you can take your pet and get away from the aggressive dog. 

In some cases, you can also try to put something between the dogs. Maybe there is a garbage bin near the curb that you can flip over and lay between them. Just make sure that you find something that is large enough that your hands do not have to get near the animals. 

The biggest thing is to avoid escalating the situation. Remember that it may look and sound worse than it is. Many dogs snarl and snap, but, when the dust settles, they have barely a scratch. Don’t risk your own health trying to break up a fight where you would come away with the worst injuries. 

All of this tends to happen very quickly when it does happen. You may have no time to think through how you react or to keep you and your pet safe. If you suffer serious injuries in the attack, you need to know what legal options you have to seek compensation for your injuries.