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How can scaffolding cause injuries?

A fall from a significant height above the ground can cause lasting damage to your spine and your brain.

Scaffolding is one workplace hazard that can lead to this kind of injury. Staying careful and aware is imperative for anyone working near or around construction sites.

Lack of clear safety guidelines

According to the Occupational Safety and Health Administration, employees rely on training from their bosses about safety techniques or practices. If your workplace does not teach the common signs of an unstable platform or other important pieces of information, then you may accidentally harm yourself.

This can also lead to a construction site being uncompliant with OSHA practices. Due to the height of many scaffolds, this increases the danger you are in.

Improper dismantling and building techniques

Unstable platforms and loose planks can lead to devastating slip and fall accidents. Many platforms can only hold a certain amount of people or a certain amount of weight at a time.

Quickly dismantling or forgetting certain steps in the building process can cause a total collapse. Whenever someone needs to construct a scaffold, he or she should rely on a competent person to guide them. This person notices certain design flaws that can cause injuries.

Loose debris

Hammers or other work items falling onto your head can lead to serious brain trauma. If other workers are rushing to finish or do not properly put away their tools, these items could easily fall between platforms and to people below.

Knowing the dangers of using a scaffold can allow you to determine what to do next after an injury.