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Looking at statistics on deadly bicycle accidents

Whether you ride your bike to work every day or occasionally enjoy getting some exercise on a bicycle and find yourself near traffic, you need to understand the risks you face. Every year, many bicyclists lose their lives in traffic accidents and even more suffer serious injuries that alter the course of their lives.

On the road, bicyclists are especially vulnerable. It is helpful to take a look at statistics on fatal bicycle accidents in order to understand how prevalent these deaths are.

Reviewing data on fatal bike accidents

The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration reports that traffic accidents claimed the lives of more than 800 bicyclists over the course of 2019. Moreover, male bicyclists were six times more likely than female bicyclists to lose their lives in traffic accidents during 2019. 78% of fatal bike accidents occurred on urban roads and a majority of bicyclist deaths took place between 6 PM and 9 PM during all times of the year.

Risk factors associated with fatal bicycle accidents

Deadly bicycle accidents take place for many reasons. Sometimes, drivers do not give bicyclists enough room while passing or they drive too fast. Failure to yield, ignoring stop signs, alcohol use and distracted driving also result in many devastating bicycle accidents. Even if you focus on your safety at all times, a negligent driver could turn your life upside down.

If a reckless driver caused a bike accident, you need to take a look at resources that could help you move forward. Make sure you hold the driver accountable for his or her actions.