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What are some common sources of injuries on construction sites?

Dealing with head or spinal injuries after working on a construction site can leave you feeling tired and overwhelmed.

No matter what company you work for, devastating accidents can happen in an instant. Knowing more about the most common problems people face may help you if you are struggling after an accident.

Trip and fall scenarios

According to the U.S. Department of Labor, many sites use scaffolding during the process of constructing a new building, which typically contains high ledges and potentially unsafe walkways. A person trying to pass to the other side of a walkway could slip on another worker’s hammer or tools and fall off.

Broken or rusted bolts and screws can also lead to the scaffold collapsing. Since these structures are usually a few feet above the ground, you could land directly on your head or your back. Scaffolds should always have guardrails and a competent person checking them before anyone else walks on them.

Dropped tools and items

A slip of the hand can lead to a worker dropping a heavy metal object or piece of equipment onto your head. Whether they are rushing to finish a job or they are not paying attention to other workers around them, this piece of equipment can seriously harm your skull or neck.

Vehicle crush injuries

When a person driving a powerful and large vehicle neglects to check for workers walking around them, injuries to your legs or arms could happen. These kinds of severe crush injuries, which could involve trucks and road rollers, can occur on construction sites.

Learning more about how unsafe coworkers and faulty equipment can lead to serious accidents can help you if you are struggling.