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Where can adults use marijuana legally?

New York drug laws changed to legalize cannabis for adults aged 21 and older. The legislation allows people to legally carry three ounces of dry buds and 24 ounces of a concentrated product.

As with other substances, such as cigarettes and alcohol, New York State does place restrictions on where you can use marijuana.

Basic rules

The general restrictions are that you can only use the products in your home or another site designated by law. The state is designing specific public areas that will provide smoking spaces for marijuana users. You cannot use the products anywhere that bans cigarettes.

Important notes

Individual property owners can also ban the use of the product just as they would cigarettes. Landlords may not permit the use on their property. The same is true with the owners of hotels or other accommodations. However, property owners cannot prevent you from renting because you use the drug.

You also need to be mindful that the substance is not legal everywhere. It is illegal at the federal level, so you cannot use it on federal lands, such as parks. You also cannot take it to a different state and use it.

The legalization of cannabis is a tricky topic. It is still very easy to get into legal trouble with it if you are not careful. If you plan for the recreational use of marijuana, it is essential to completely understand the laws governing it. Legal in this case does not mean a ticket to use it anywhere or anytime you want, so stay on top of the rules.