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What does a supplemental needs trust do?

In estate planning, it is typical for individuals to consider multiple tools to ensure they are preparing the appropriate documents for their needs. If one of the grantor’s beneficiaries has a disability, one of the estate planning tools they consider is a supplemental needs trust (SNT). Understanding the trust The supplemental needs trust is an estate planning […]

5 safety tips for spring driving in New York

After a freezing winter, spring’s comforting warmth is more than welcome, as most of us have probably had enough of driving on New York’s icy roads. But don’t let your guard down. Driving in spring has its challenges, too. When hitting the streets this spring, be sure to keep these five tips in mind. Before […]

What happens if I decline the breathaylzer test during a DWI police stop?

You’re driving on State Route 36 when a flash of blue and red appears in your rear-view mirror. You pull over to the shoulder and the police car follows. The trooper asks if you have been drinking and wants you to take a roadside breath test to find out. Should you? Whether you take the […]

What qualifies as a hematological disorder?

You may picture certain conditions that qualify as disorders that merit Social Security Disability Insurance. Depression, Crohn’s disease and wheelchair-bound paralysis are all examples of conditions that SSDI considers. However, the human body is complex, and so are the conditions that may afflict it. One condition not often talked about is hematological disorders — blood-related conditions. Non-cancerous […]

Should your teen have a living will before attending college?

As a parent, you are proud to have raised a smart and well-rounded son or daughter. Now that your child’s high school graduation is on the horizon, you are probably busy finding the right college or university. Your teen probably has some work to do prior to moving into the dorms, though. Before your teen […]

Yes, whiplash can cause you to suffer a stroke

When considering the variety of catastrophic and life-changing injuries you might suffer in a motor vehicle accident, whiplash is typically far down the list. Still, whiplash is not pleasant, often leaving individuals with long-term pain and mobility issues. Whiplash is a neck injury resulting from rapid back-and-forth movement of the head. In minor cases, the […]

Employer responsibilities in winter conditions

Working in the snow and cold weather can pose risks that could result in significant personal injury. Employers throughout New York have a responsibility to reasonably protect workers from a variety of winter hazards. Failure to take the necessary safeguards could result in a claim of negligence against an employer. Vehicle safety According to information […]

4 things you need to prove in a New York slip-and-fall case

New York’s commercial and residential property owners have a duty to keep their spaces safe for use, and if they fail to do so and you fall and suffer an injury as a result, you may have grounds for a personal injury case. If your case winds up going to trial, there are certain things […]

Common legal defenses for DWI charges

A DWI or DWAI conviction can lead to severe penalties that disrupt your life. You could face fees, a  license suspension and even jail time. If you are dealing with a DWI charge in New York, you have the right to defend yourself and fight for a fair outcome to your case. Illegitimate traffic stops […]

6 elements that should be in your real estate purchase agreement

A purchase agreement contains terms, requirements and prices for the home you wish to purchase. There are many sections filled with information in such an agreement, but here are six basic elements you should expect to find in the contract. 1. Parties and price The first part of any purchase agreement describes the property, gives […]