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What are some common sources of injuries on construction sites?

Dealing with head or spinal injuries after working on a construction site can leave you feeling tired and overwhelmed. No matter what company you work for, devastating accidents can happen in an instant. Knowing more about the most common problems people face may help you if you are struggling after an accident. Trip and fall […]

What symptoms can you associate with traumatic brain injuries?

Traumatic brain injuries are among the most common injuries following a car accident. During the collision, your body or head may suffer a violent blow from various objects within the car. Additionally, the back-and-forth motion can cause the soft tissue to collide with your skull and lead to bruising, contusions or a concussion. Mayo Clinic […]

Drowsy driving risks and unsettling statistics

Whether drivers get behind the wheel without enough sleep, drive for too long or feel fatigued after a demanding day at work, drowsy driving is extremely dangerous. Not only should you understand some of the risk factors linked to drowsy driving, but you should also look at statistics on the prevalence of this dangerous behavior […]

What are some hidden signs of a traumatic brain injury?

In the days following a car crash or a sudden fall, you may begin to notice signs that your body and mind are not the same as before. Traumatic brain injuries can affect your everyday life, including how you perform at your job and how you interact with others. Learning about the signs of these […]

Has an insurer asked you to sign a medical release?

Even though modern vehicles are safer than ever, car accidents remain a leading cause of both serious injuries and death in New York. In fact, according to the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety, 931 individuals died in traffic accidents in the Empire State in 2019 alone. Many others suffered catastrophic injuries in accidents on New York roadways […]

Who is responsible for your slip and fall incident on the ice?

As the winter months continue, the threat of ice and snow also grows and lingers. Though these weather conditions come with numerous potential risks, some of the biggest involve the risk of slipping on the ice. These slip and fall incidents can cause a lot of bodily harm, like broken bones or even brain trauma. […]

How long does it take for broken bones to heal?

A fall, an accident at work or a car accident can break one or more of your bones. This can be a painful injury that makes it hard for you to do your daily activities or go to work. While you probably anticipate some kind of medical treatment to heal your injury, you might wonder […]

What does New York’s storm in progress doctrine mean for you?

With the approach of winter and the snow and ice that go with it, now is a good time to review New York’s storm in progress doctrine and the way in which it could negatively impact you if you slip and fall on someone’s wet, snowy or icy sidewalk, driveway or parking lot. While you […]

What to know about Capnocytophaga

For any number of reasons, dogs may bite. Such attacks may cause minor to serious damage to the skin, tendons and ligaments, and bones. Due to the germs and bacteria present in their mouths, dog bites may also result in serious infections, such as capnocytophaga infections. How is Capnocytophaga spread? According to the Centers for […]

Looking at statistics on deadly bicycle accidents

Whether you ride your bike to work every day or occasionally enjoy getting some exercise on a bicycle and find yourself near traffic, you need to understand the risks you face. Every year, many bicyclists lose their lives in traffic accidents and even more suffer serious injuries that alter the course of their lives. On […]